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  • Purpose: The City Council functions through the work of several standing committees who gather and study information and make recommendations for consideration by the full council.

  • Organization: Committees of the
    City Council are comprised of two councilmember's who are
    appointed by the Mayor. Councilmembers are given the opportunity to select their preferred committees on an annual basis.



council committees
  • Water/Sewer: David Jensen & Fred Marshall

  • Law/Court: Gary Forner &

  • Parks/City Property: Vinessa Karnofski & Gary Forner

  • Personnel/Pension/Medical: & Fred Marshall

  • Streets/Storm Drains/Sidewalks: Gary Forner & David Jensen

  • Fire/Ambulance: Vinessa Karnofski & David Jensen

  • Finance/Planning: & Fred Marshall

  • Marketing: Vinessa Karnofski & Gary Forner

  • Engineering/Planning: David Jensen & Fred Marshall

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City of Ilwaco is an equal opportunity provider and employer.